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Making collars for all dogs........Chihuahua's to Wolfhounds! Largest so far: A Mountain Dog at 36" !! Thats HUGE!!!

 I specialise in Sighthound collars on this site. These include Whippets, Salukis, Greyhounds, Wolfhounds, Deerhounds and all the lovely Lurchers in between.

I also make collars for all other dog breeds and sizes. A selection of 20mm and 25mm collars and matching leads can be found on the Standard Collar page below. Please e-mail me with any special enquiries.

A Kitsch Collar is not just for show.... they demand to be worn for walkies!  Great looking and practical.

Large Sighthound Collars


Medium/Small Sighthound

Whippet Collars

Greyhound House Collars

Sighthound Puppy Collars

Standard Collars

Puppies, Toy Breeds, Medium and  Large Breeds.

50mm/2" Wide

Single Loop & Martingale


40mm/1.5" Wide

Single Loop & Martingale


25mm to 40mm Wide

Single Loop & Martingale


20 & 25mm 1" Wide

Standard Side Release


Greyhound, Wolfhound, Deerhound, Large Lurcher, Great Dane. Rottweiler, Doberman, Standard Poodle, Afghan..
Greyhound, Saluki, Whippet, Lurcher, Galgo, Collie, Staffie, Standard Poodle, Irish Setter, Doberman, Afghan and Pharaoh hounds, Shar Pei's, Akita's, labradors....
For all breeds

 These are the regular standard collars with weinerlock side release buckles. 20mm and 25mm wide

Why order a Kitsch Collar?

I have been hand making quality collars since 2003.

I  use solid cast brass fittings specially made for Kitsch Collars.

My work is insured by AXA for your pets safety.

My collars are made here in England and are not imported.

Your dog deserves the best!

Please Note: All collars are individually made to order to a customer's specific requirements. I regret that unless there is a fault in the manufacture of the collar I cannot accept returns.